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Shoes,Nails & Tools Etc.

Shoes,Nails & Tools Etc.

Select from our comprehensive range ...

Tool Diamond Nippers FN 15
Tool Economy Hoof Nipper

Tool Economy Hoof Nipper

Ideal for the handy man/woman with a horse or two..


Tool Hammer  FH 10 oze Diamond
Tool Hammer Buffalo, 10 oze
Tool Hammer Mustad Round  950gms
Tool Hoof Knife Double Edge

Tool Hoof Knife Double Edge

Double edge hoof knife can be used by both right & left handed people...


Tool Hoof Knife Mustad
Tool Hoof Knife Right Hand
Tool Hoof Tester

Tool Hoof Tester

Used for finding stone bruses...


Tool Mustad Nippers 14"
Tool Mustad Nippers 15''
Tool Mustad Shoe Puller
Tool Nail Clincher Roma
Tool Pincers Shoe Puller Economy
Tool Rasp Tanged 14" Economy
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