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  • Vigest 2L.
Active Constituents
Amino acids, B group vitamins, electrolytes and dextrose supplement.




General Use Claim
A tonic and vitamin supplement for horses, cattle, lambs, cats and dogs.
Features And Benefits
  • For extra energy and to maintain normal body metabolism
  • Boosts weak or debilitated animals
Why should I use Vigest?
VIGEST is of value as a general tonic and appetite stimulant.

VIGEST is an excellent energy booster for all animals in a 'depressed state'.
When should I use Vigest?
Ideal for animals which are off their feed, weak or debilitated. It may be used to assist in the rearing of orphaned or premature young.
Where can I purchase Vigest?
Vigest is available through veterinary clinics, farm merchant stores and saddleries.

Vigest 2L.

  • Brand: Bayer
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