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  • Compete Elite Equine 1.5kg

Total system support for the competitive sporthorse in 100% organic form. 7 supplements in 1 and at a price not much more than what you might be paying for magnesium on its own!

1 - Important macro and trace minerals (for NZ)

2 - Magnesium proteinate - the highest quality magnesium. Higher quality and more effective than magnesium aspartate.

3 - Bio Chrome - Muscle Building

4 - Organic Selenium (a Selenium free version of Compete is available)

5 - Pro-Biotics - to improve hind gut fermentation & feed ultilisation.

6 - Bio Sponge - absorbs pathogens

7 - Muscle function and recovery support.


Customers are consistantly telling us that mud fever, rain scald, warts and other oportunistic infections disappear in the first 1-2 months of using Compete. Sometimes very bad mud fever takes 2 months. We have even had reports of Sarcoids getting smaller or disappearing!

COMPETE contains a full spectrum of relevant Bio Plex® organic minerals including Chromium, Magnesium and Sel-Plex®, as well as patented functional nutrients to maintain gut health, muscle development and function, and improve the immune response supporting natural defences essential for optimum performance.

COMPETE supports muscle development, function and recovery, the gastric system and hind gut fermentation, feed and energy utilisation, the immune system, the nervous system, hooves and coat.

Improvement is seen as a result of better health, which results in more muscle and condition, improved appearance, performance and recovery.

Benefits are seen typically in 1-2 months (4-8 weeks), and horses generally continue to develop and respond over several months. Horses can respond differently due to condition and current health, but typically results become obvious at 6 weeks or before. The results in horses who are in poorer condition are visable more quickly. As your horse improves feed ultilization a decrease in feed maybe necessary.

Compete Elite Equine 1.5kg

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